Gobble, Gobble

Thanksgiving was coming up and we still hadn’t done our traditional turkeys. One day I’ll do it at the beginning of the month…one day. So two days before Thanksgiving I decided we should do it. I almost did it three days before, but decided the boys all needed haircuts and I should do the craft on a day Eric wasn’t home so that I could spend time with him when he was home.
So on Tuesday we went about making our turkeys. I’m normally a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to this craft, but I realized quite quickly this year that I’d have to give up a bit of that. Nate and Ailey were anxious to do their own turkeys and didn’t really want to wait for help, so they did it their own way. Honestly, I think I should let go of the reins a little more and let these kids develop their own sense of creativity. Plus, I think it helps give them some confidence.
My turkey’s created quite the rafter (yes, I looked that up). And I love that they all showed their personalities when I took pictures.

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