Home Rules Via Gnomeo and Juliet

So when Gnomeo and Juliet first came out I knew I had to see it. I have an obsession with gnomes and I also like Shakespeare. The movie quickly became a favorite and we bought it. And then it sat unwatched for who knows how long.

Then we bought a car with DVD players in it and I have a kid in kindergarten and if I pick her up with the car I have to leave 15-20 minutes early to get a ‘good’ spot. 15-20 minutes in the car not moving can be taxing on a 2 year old so I’ve tried to keep movies in the car that he can watch. However, after so long you get sick of the same movie. So it was time to stray from Rapunzel and Hotel Transylvania and find something new. After a quick peek at our collection I grabbed Gnomeo and Juliet.

After hearing ‘the rules’ a number of times, I knew I had to do something with it. They totally crack me up and I really am a fun-loving person. So I created a slat board sign with the rules. Totally loving it!


PAINT: Already in my stash
VINYL: Cricut White
(Though I used the vinyl as a stencil and then peeled it off.)

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