All About Chad

One of the ‘joys’ of 6th grade is that they get to do a country report. They can choose any country and do a report on it. My kid chose CHAD! Why in the world he would choose Chad is seriously way beyond me. Had he consulted me first I would’ve recommended Brazil or England (either place his grandpa’s served a mission). Sure things have probably changed since then, but we’d have more of a clue about the place than choosing somewhere as random as Chad.

Thankfully it wasn’t much of an issue for me as they did a lot of the work during school time. IMAGINE THAT! So Lex did a pretty good job of gathering information on his country and did his report on his own without help. The only thing he wanted help with was the poster and I don’t think he really even wanted my help, but I get a little OCD when they have to have something to present. Although, I’ll be honest – I really didn’t put as much effort into it as I have in the past. I was just too tired to worry about it.

We got everything down and good to go and he was super excited to go to school the next day to present it all. Parents were also invited to come view the projects. The problem for me is that the end time was 20 minutes before Ailey gets out of Kindergarten. I really didn’t want go to the school, go home for 5 minutes and head back to the school. So I decided I’d go just before the end time so that I wasn’t waiting for too long for Ailey.

When I got into Lex’s classroom his first words to me were, “Took you long enough.” 
At least he says what he thinks. I explained to him why I came so late and he was understanding and it made sense to him why I was late. 

I didn’t really view many other projects, cause quite honestly I don’t care about it – but, I made sure to get pictures of my kid.

{…The flag is upside down on the presentation board? Ummm, yeah – that was my fault…}
We then left and went outside of the school to wait for Kindergarten to be over. Thankfully it was a pretty nice day for November and Jace had tons of fun running around and I had a front row seat to an interesting situation.
The cafeteria outside door faces the front of the school where I was sitting and out of the corner of the eye, I saw the janitor on a walkie and then glanced over and saw a little girl standing by the building. The janitor was talking to the secretary and was asked to find out the girls name. The girl actually responded and then took off running. Two seconds later, the secretary comes out the front doors after her. The little girl paused for a moment and looked at the secretary, but then proceeded to cross the street. Once across the street she stopped again and glanced at the secretary. When she realized the street wasn’t going to stop the secretary she took off again, the secretary had to jay-run to catch up with the girl. She got the girl and got her to come back to the school. Or so we all thought. Once back on school grounds, she tried to make a break for it to the parking lot. The secretary caught her before she got there and then the girls teacher came out. They took the girl back to the office to call her mom.
It was a surprising sight for me to see as the girl was probably only in 4th grade, but she was determined to leave school. It was interesting to realize that the secretary’s job involves so much more than answering phones and paper work.

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