Fall Band Concert 2015

It was time for the Fall concert at the middle school and while I should probably encourage my children to support their siblings, I totally took advantage of the kids not involved in the concert.
Because Tanis is now in high school, he doesn’t have concerts the same day as Shaylyn. This really was a good thing. We also had enough notice so that Eric didn’t have to go into the game store. Therefore, we decided to make it a pseudo date.

We lucked out and our good friends had been watching the Percussion concert that started before the band concert and somehow they got front row seats and gave them to us as they were leaving. This gave this pregnant momma plenty of room to adjust the way she was sitting.

We got excited at first realizing we actually chose perfect seats for where Shaylyn was placed…

…Then the band director moved all the kids into a different position and Shaylyn ended up in the 2nd row, behind another girl AND the band director. We couldn’t even see her with our naked eyes. So while I got a video of their songs, there is no seeing Shaylyn, unless you are super lucky!
The concert was a little long, but I tried to just enjoy the time I had to support Shaylyn and to have a ‘quiet’ night with Eric. That made it worth all the noise that you encounter in a band concert. The kids didn’t do too shabby of a job either.

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