October’s Oddness

Now we’ll take a look at the random happenings from October. There are a lot. October was pretty much chock full of random…
Jacen is a Daddy’s boy in so many ways, but one way I’ve never seen in any kid I know – is a love for socks. Even if they are Daddy’s and 20 sizes too big!
I love surprises, even if they are in the form of flowers, so this special delivery was super exciting to me. Eric knows me so well.
Eric and I were called to teach the 10-11 year olds in Primary awhile ago and one of the boys in our class is named Jack. He stopped by one night and had this plate of cookies for us. He (his mom) had perfect timing as I was craving something sweet and these sugar cookies hit the spot. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being amazed at how different sugar cookies can taste depending on the recipe. I may have eaten all 3 cookies (not in the same night) and didn’t leave any for Eric – but I was doing him a favor as he doesn’t much care for sweets anyway.
Nate got Hungry, Hungry Hippos last Christmas from my brother. We had it put up in a closet and he never asked to play it much. Recently though, it made it’s way down and it’s been being used quite often. I was super surprised to see every age group in my house playing this game together. After Nate and Ailey had been playing for quite some time, Jace jumped in. Lex, Shaylyn and Tanis thought it’d be fun to play with him. I just sat in amazement that something so simple could entertain a toddler and teenagers. I was thankful for such a game one time in my life.
We spent a lot of Sunday afternoons visiting with Eric’s mom. The kids spent a lot of time messing around. One such Sunday gave us some good laughs. Jace had went into the play room and came out with a bucket on his head and one in his hand. He kept them on for a good 5 minutes or so and laughed right ablong with us.
This same Sunday, Eric mom’s best friend, Kathy was also visiting. Kathy was kind of like a 2nd mom to Eric and his brothers when they were growing up and has since become something of a 2nd Grandma to the kids. Nate and Ailey especially like having her around. Ailey was playing a game on the Kindle and somehow convinced Kathy to sit down and play with her.
Shaylyn’s never been a ‘bad’ student, but about 5th or 6th grade she got in the bad habit of not turning in her homework. It didn’t matter too much in elementary school, but when she hit middle school, it did affect her grades a little bit. She still managed A’s and B’s because she does well on tests, but those B’s could’ve been A’s had she put forth a little more effort. For some reason we’ve seen a shift this year and she is on top of her homework and turning it in. So much so that her History teacher nominated her as Student of the Week. I was thrilled to see the award, I think she was just more thrilled for the free milkshake.
Ailey was being a bit naughty one night and we sent her to her room to ‘think about what she did’. Apparently Jace followed her into her room and instead of taking the time to think about her actions, she took the time to play artist….on her brother. Thank goodness for washable markers.
And that’s another glimpse of the randomness that is our life in the Hardy household. It’s never boring in these four walls.

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