Patchin’ It Up

For the past few years we’ve gone to the same Pumpkin Patch. It’s easy to get to and it’s usually not too crowded. There’s enough to keep the kids entertained, but not enough to keep them there a lot longer than we want to be.
Eric’s mom had mentioned she wanted to go with us this year and so we went about planning a day that would work for her. It was a little sooner than we had ‘planned’ on going, but she was headed out of town a few days later – so we really didn’t have a choice. I just hope she had fun and didn’t think it was a waste of time.
This year the people who run this patch added some goats. It was kind of interesting to see and the kids kinda liked it.
We then went about letting the kids choose their pumpkins…For some kids it was an all-night event, for others they were done in a matter of minutes. Nathaniel wouldn’t make a decision without Grandma right next to him.
After most everyone had picked a pumpkin, it was time for all the photo ops….

{…It’s a pumpkinman…}

{…This is our real life, people…}

No trip to the pumpkin patch is complete without pretending to drive a tractor. I’m thankful a few of these kids can’t really drive….they’re kinda scary.
Some of us may or may not have almost left without picking a pumpkin….Oops…
And some of us probably feel as if they’re only invited to the party for one reason…
But really his job is to help watch over the kids while they play in the corn and hay…
We always have a fun time at the pumpkin patch and I hope it gives the kids some fun memories for years to come and it was fun to have Grandma with us this year.

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