September Shenanigans

Most of September was just a bunch of random happenings. We have months like that, and it’s perfectly okay with me.
Eric’s mom was at Costco one day before we had gone school shopping and saw a cute outfit that she just had to get Ailey. So when I actually had Ailey wear it I had to take a picture. This outfit also came with a grey jacket thing with yellow flowers on it, but it was way too hot this day to put it on as well.
We were watching one of Ailey’s best friends while his mom was at the dr. These two decided to play Just Dance and it was hilarious to watch. The song they chose has got to be one of the most difficult dances on the game, but it’s also one of the most fun ones. (Sorry for Shaylyn’s chatter during the video – she must not have realized I was recording)
I happened to notice one day that the freezer wasn’t freezing things anymore. I mentioned it to Eric as it had happened before and he was able to fix it. When he got home from work he went about trying to fix it the same way, but decided it was a lost cause. 
We took a trip to Best Buy as that was the best payment plan we could find and took a look at what they had. We made our choice, but it was goint to take a week and half to be delivered. That was a crazy long time to go without refrigeration, but we managed using coolers and a lot of boxed and canned foods.
It was almost like Christmas Day for me when my new fridge arrived.
{…Out with the old…}
{…In with the new…}
I finally got around to getting Ailey into a dance class. I chose to go with a tumbling, tap and ballet combo class as she’s never had any dance before. I thought for sure she’d be all eager to go, but she wasn’t nearly as thrilled as she’d led me to believe she’d be whenever she talked about dancing before. Either way, we got her to go and she actually did enjoy herself.
Jace loves being outside and when he figured out he could play in the backyard, he spent a lot of time there. One day I decided to go sit out there while he played. Ailey joined in a little later and these two just looked so cute that I started taking some pictures. I was super happy with some moments I just happened across.
{…He was giving kisses…}
For the most part, Jace and Ailey get along really well. However, they are also both prone to jealousy when mom or dad is holding one and not the other. This almost happened one night with Daddy, but thankfully Daddy has long arms and long legs. The perfect amount of space for 2 little bodies.
There are moments as owners of dogs that make you laugh out loud. This was one such sight. I don’t know why our dogs are so attached to soft things…
My older sister sent my little sister and I a text one day with a photo of her daughter in the dryer and with the caption, “I have to get this one out of the dryer.” 
My little sister responded with a photo of her 2 year old literally hanging on the bar in the car like a monkey while waiting to get his sister from Kindergarten. She replied with “Haha! Do you need us to buy some towels so you don’t have to dry her? Then we have monkey boy over here…”

I quickly snapped this photo of Jace and said, “Don’t know why you two are having issues, mine is being an angel.”


So I was watching my friends boys again while she had a dr. appt. Jace and her kid are only 4 months apart or so and it gives me a pretty good idea of what having 2 year old twin boys would be like. I’m grateful the Lord never blessed me with twins. I might really be crazy. These two monkeys were having the funnest time peeking through the blinds at absolutely nothing…They are fun, but a lot of work.

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