August’s Antics

It’s time once again for a look at all the crazy things that happen on a day to day basis in this crazy world of mine.
I could tell from looking a Jace that he was starting to fall asleep and he was ready for his nap, but when I asked him if he was ready for his nap, he told me no. Two seconds later he was out like a light.
One night we were getting ready to go to bed and looked over to find Domino snuggled up to a stuffed toy. (It’s kinda hard to see with all his fur) He wasn’t attacking it, just snuggled up with it like a human would be.
Eric’s mom helped with back to school shopping. We had discussed taking different groups of kids at different times, but in the end decided it was a better use of time to go all together. I don’t know if it was a good choice or a bad choice, but we had a full day.
The kids had fun being with grandma and choosing their clothes and they even got lunch at Chick Fil A. While in Target we found the perfect spot for a photo.
I got called to Activity Days and was way beyond nervous to be in charge of my first activity. After thinking on it for awhile, I decided to go with a Get To Know You game as the girls had 2 new leaders and we didn’t know much about any of the girls. I found the idea online and the look for the Jenga pieces online as well, I just tried to make it my own.
Thankfully the activity turned out pretty good and I think the girls had fun.
I went to swap laundry one night and found the following sight:
Apparently the soft plastic battery operated tea-lights can survive a washing. Who knew?
Domino definitely likes the softer things in the world. One of the kids decided he needed to be tucked in just like a kid. He didn’t seem to offer any complaint.
I got a little lax with Ailey’s immunizations we realized when we registered for Kindergarten and then I slacked off and didn’t get her into the dr’s office as soon as I wanted. When I did call, however, I had to wait a week. This meant she was getting her last shots the day before school started. She was nervous about them and didn’t want to go, but she was brave and went anyway. They had to take blood from her finger, which I didn’t know about – but she did awesome and then she was ready for her shots.
She didn’t do quite as well for her shots and was a sad little girl. But she brushed it off pretty quickly and I took her to Arctic Circle for lunch and let her play on the playground and then she got some toys from the store and she was a happy camper.
Jace is a very observant kid and knows exactly what Daddy does when he’s on the computer. One day he wasted no time in imitating his Daddy.
I cleaned the desk a day or two after this…
With four boys there is no shortage of things that resemble fighting and wrestling. Even the two year old gets involved.

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