In an effort to promote more family togetherness and traditions, my mom came up with some ideas. Her idea and the one she really wanted to do was The Amazing Race. It’s like the only show she watches on TV and she wanted to try out a family one.

Eric was against it for his own reasons, and while he didn’t want to particpate he was okay with the kids and I doing so. It ended up working out okay because my mom did it on a day when Eric had to be at the game store anyway.

My mom had divided us into teams prior to the event, but due to circumstances changing for a few people, last minute changes were made. I ended up on a team with my little brother, his son, my brother in law, Lex and Jace. Yup, I was the only female and it was slightly awkward.

Our first order of business was to decorate our ‘mascot’. A wooden letter painted a certain color. Our teams had to have the color of the letter in our names as well. We came up with the Red Rebels. I did like that because I was the only girl, the boys didn’t put up too much of a fight regarding the name, or how we decorated it.

Then my mom wanted to get pictures of each of the teams. I’m still not sure what happened, but she missed getting a picture of the first team which Shaylyn and Ailey were a part of. ::Sniff, sniff::
{…The Red Rebels…}
{…The Blue Bunnies…}
Our first feat was to eat crackers and then hum three notes. I volunteered for that one (before I knew I had to stuff crackers in my face). I did pretty good and then we got our info. Our first clue led us the playground at the elementary school near my parents house.
We had to do a few things there. One such thing was to go down the slide 3 different ways. My dad was to supervise this activity and one way we were supposed to go down was on our stomaches. That wasn’t happening for me, so my Dad told me to go down a different way.
We then had to have my Dad hold our mascot, take a picture and send it to my mom before we got the okay to move on.
We were on our way to our next stop (the grocery store) when my mom texted us that we didn’t do one of the tricks right. My brother and brother in law ran back to the playground to do it the right way, while I stayed with the 2 strollers and Lex. We then made the long trek to the store. It was a hot day and I was glad when we finally made it to the store.

We had to do a few different things at the grocery store. One was to play Chubby Bunny and record it, the other was the down pudding cups without a spoon while wearing a bib. Which also needed to be recorded.

Our next stop was at my mom’s house. She had a few tasks there, however another group beat us there, so we had to wait. During our wait we found out only a couple people needed to do the pudding – not all of us. We were also supposed to get another treat from the store and deliver to someone. My little brother never opened that envelope – so we lost points on that.

When the group finished their business, we went at it. My mom gathers golf balls while she walks during her breaks at work (no idea why) and she had them all in a basket and we needed to get a count of different company’s, etc.

We moved on to the church. This is where we got a little bit stumped. There was a riddle we had to figure out. I eventually figured out that it was talking about a tree. We each needed to get a picture holding on to the tree and then we had to come up with a chant/slogan for our team. We did that in a matter of seconds and I can’t remember it now. We said something about doing things our own way and not caring! LOL.

We got back to mom’s and after dinner we waited for results. My team ended up in last place because of the missing delivery.

All in all it was a fun day and activity. It was hard for this pregnant lady wandering around the streets in the heat, but at the end of the day I was thankful for the exercise. I was also thankful for an activity that my kids enjoyed that was away from the TV.

Even after all the walking our day incurred, they had no trouble finding energy to mess around in Grandma’s front yard.

The biggest excitement of the night came when we were trying to clean up dinner. The sink wouldn’t drain. No matter what was tried, it didn’t work. My brothers in law came to the rescue and tried to figure the issue out. After a few failed experimenatations, they figured out what they needed and they went and rented it from the home improvement store. In a matter of seconds they fixed the issue and everyone was happy.

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