730 Days

Our baby was turning two. Two! Where in the world did those two years go? I really don’t know.

Because his birthday was on a Sunday, we were able to have one big party for him. Eric’s mom offered her house and we gladly took her up on the offer. She lives in a place that’s easier for the rest of my family to get to.

We started off by watching Jace’s 2nd year video, which kept the little kids more interested than these videos usually do.
Then it was time for presents and even at 2 years old, this kid knew this was going to be good…
The first gift came from my parents…
{…A Play Tool Set, Complete With Drill – Which Is A Favorite Toy…}
The next gift came from Uncle Corby, Aunt Adri and Cousin Carson…
{…A Dump Truck…}

Gift #3 came from The Wamsleys

{…Lunchbox Toy…}
Gift 4 was from Grandma Shirley.

{…Little Superhero Figures…}
Then came his gifts from Mom and Dad…
{..A Remote Controlled Car..}
{…An Intro Into Lego’s, Mega Blocks…}
{…And A Basketball Hoop…}
None of the kids could wait and they had to break out the blocks.
The best part of any birthday is cake and candles.
We went with a Big Hero 6 theme, which made all the treats super easy to put together.
Treats were a big hit!
{…He must be my kid, choosing cookies over cupcakes…}
Jace is probably the only kid of mine who voluntarily chooses to clean up after his own birthday party…
It was a pretty good birthday and I still can’t believe our baby is 2. He’s been so much fun and he’s such a joy to have in our lives. Here’s to many more great years, baby boy!

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