A Link Between Worlds

Tanis had a birthday that was soon approaching and because his birthday is 2 days after Pioneer Day, he feels like less friends are able to come if we have a party after his birthday because it’s so close to Pioneer Day. So this year he insisted that he have his party before Pioneer Day and even had his theme chose weeks in advance. He also had a lot of ideas that he found of things to have at his party.
His theme was The Legend of Zelda and so we of course started out with the invite.
I spent the two days up to his party putting together some of the treats and the day of his party cleaning the house and doing some last minute prep work (like the name signs that I had forgotten until about an hour or two before his party).
This is how the table turned out:
And individual items:

(These were taken more for my benefit so I can realize, one day, that I used to do cool things for my kids)

We had some decorations….I had planned to make the blue balls look like the bombs from the game, but completely forgot and then ran out of time…
I had to get creative with the candles. I just know years from now this picture is going to confuse the life out of me.
The traditional birthday song was sung, candles were lit and the kid made a wish that probably won’t come true.
For the majority of the party these boys played Super Smash Brothers. It was nice to have a game so many people could play at once.
Then came present time…

{…Lovely photobomb from the girls…}

{…Group photobomb was awesome…}

{…Someone needs to lock those girls up…}
It was a crazy, fun night and somehow it’s almost more exhausting hosting a birthday party for teenagers than little kids.

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