The Sooner State: Day Ten

We wanted to get on the road at a decent time in the morning and we actually accomplished that. I think we had everything loaded and packed in the car by 10, maybe it was even 9. We got on the road and had a really quiet drive. Before too long I looked behind me and saw this sight:
This kid amazed me. With all the time he had to be buckled up in his car seat, he never really complained or whined. He was a super good traveller and just enjoyed watching videos and seeing new sites.
We made awesome time getting to Wyoming this day. It probably helped that we gained an hour coming from Nebraska. Either way, we got to the hotel at like 5. We passed the pool on the way up to our rooms (2 rooms, next to each other with the doors that let you go from one to the other) and saw that it was pretty much empty. So we told the kids we’d go swimming as soon as we got all the bags put away.
Somehow I even convinced Eric to come swimming with us. We all had lots of fun and probably spent 30 – 45 minutes there. I even got some smiles and laughs from Eric. Hahahaha.
After we were done swimming we decided to order Jimmy John’s for dinner. The kids all took turns taking baths and showers and then they watched a show in one room, while mom and dad watched another in another room. We didn’t stay up a whole lot longer after we finished dinner, and I slept really well that night.

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