The Sooner State: Day Nine

We didn’t really plan anything for this day. Grandma’s dryer had gone out a day or two before we got there and it took them about a week to deliver a new one. Because we were headed home the next day, everyone knew I had some clothes that needed to get clean. So I spent the day doing laundry and packing back up. 
But there’s not much you can do while waiting for clothes to wash and dry and it was a nice night, so I took the kids outside to play again. Eric’s mom wanted to make sure she got some group pictures before we left and so we made sure to do that while the light was still good.

{…I look up to these two and the relationship they have and hope to achieve the same kind…}

{…Lex learned lots of tricks from Uncle Greg, it was only fitting he give him a dose of his own medicine…}

When pictures were done the kids went about playing some more.
No trip to Nebraska is complete without the search for fireflies…

{…There’s one hiding in her hair…}

The best part of the night, for me, was seeing this sight:
Lex was helping his Grandma’s clean up after dinner. I thought he had done it on his own, but I found out it was after asking for an Oreo and Grandma asking him to help clean up that he did it. I was still glad he obeyed his Grandma and did what she asked, regardless of why.

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