The Sooner State: Day Eight

In the course of looking for activities to keep the kids from making Grandma and Grandpa go crazy, we came across a family fun center that had many activities to do. Things like Laser Tag, Mini Golf and an arcade.  We also discovered that they offered a buffet option. We decided this would be a great activity for a day and one that would keep them occupied for quite awhile. Uncle Greg decided he wanted to come with us and it was fun to have him with us.
We got to the place and got our wristbands which let us do everything and have the buffet. The first thing everyone wanted to do was Laser Tag. Because Jace is still relatively little, I sat out with him while everyone else went crazy going after each other.
We then took the troops outside where they had some inflatable things to play on. The older kids had lots of fun playing on the thing that had a ball in the middle that you pushed over to the other side to get the other people to fall off.
Then there was a huge slide that was Cars themed that the littler kids enjoyed. Though everyone tried it.
Probably the most fun part of the inflatables, for the adults, was an obstacle course. Eric and Greg were the first to try it out. That whole competition thing again…
Lex decided to try the obstacle course out, but he didn’t really compete with anyone.
Then, of course, I wanted to try it and Shaylyn was all too eager to race her mother.
In the end we tied, but I think Shaylyn really would’ve won. I caught her waiting for me a few times.

We then decided we should probably eat. And because it was a buffet we all ate way too much food. But most of it was good.

We then decided it was time for mini golf. It wasn’t the best set up of mini golf I’ve ever seen, but it served its purpose. Eric and the kids kind of liked that the holes were all video game themed. The kids all kind of played together. I played for myself while keeping an eye on Jace and once again Eric and Greg turned their game into a competition.
{…I’m sorry Mario, but your princess is in another castle…}
Then everyone wanted to try something they called Bazooka Ball. It’s kind of like paint ball, but with soft little balls instead. Jace was close to falling asleep, so I stayed out and waited while everyone else played. Then when they had finished their game, Greg stayed with Jace so I could play.
Finally we decided to play spy and go through the laser maze. It was fun to watch as they had a tv on the outside of the game. It was in black and white though so the pictures aren’t great. Eric and Greg proved that they are pretty agile, even in their old age.
Then because the adults were all tired and full, we decided to head back to Grandma and Grandpa’s. The kids were ready to leave too, but they had a fun day.

Eric’s mom asked if anyone wanted some popsicles and Jace couldn’t pass them up.

Eric couldn’t pass it up, either…

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