The Sooner State: Day Seven

Wednesday was another slow day. We weren’t quite sure what we wanted to do, but we also didn’t have a whole lot of options. While we tried to make sure we visited with Grandma and Grandpa as much as we could, we still had kids that were going a little stir crazy. At some point we decided we’d just go to the mall and kind of window shop and look around. It was something to do that got the kids out of the small house.
Before we had a chance to get out of the door, Eric had a cousin come by to visit with his family. His cousin has a family of 5 kids with the oldest being 7. We wanted to be polite and so we visited with his cousin and his kids. But 11 kids in one small house was a bit of an issue. 
Thankfully, Eric’s mom had purchased a bunch of popsicles for Grandma, but she was able to let the kids have one each and then sent them outside in the backyard. The backyard really isn’t a backyard as Grandpa has a huge garden back there, but in the small area there is – it’s away from the street and it’s still a place the kids could hang out.
Probably around 5 or 6, Eric and I decided we should probably get going and kindly excused ourselves. 
We got to the mall and one of the first things I found was a pretzel shop. I couldn’t pass it by. I was a little hungry, but we knew Mom had dinner planned and so we didn’t want to get a real meal. It was the perfect thing to tide us all over.
We then went about our ‘window shopping’. Turned out Eric had plans to buy some Nebraska themed hats. So he found a hat shop and spent a good chunk of time making a decision. We also decided that we’d let the kids each have a certain amount of money to spend as well and they were excited to go shopping. I can’t remember what everyone got, but I know that Shaylyn went shopping for clothes. T-Shirts mainly. She had a bit of money left over from when we went to the zoo, so she was able to buy like 3 shirts with her money. We both also got a pair of earrings and I left the mall with 2 new shirts. Jace also got a new shirt. Eric also took this opportunity to buy a new controller for the X-Box One. 
We decided we should get back to Grandma’s as Mom had dinner waiting for us. We got back and had dinner and were pretty much all dead tired. Eric’s mom was able to capture the few pictures below that show how tired we ended up. Well at least a couple of us. 

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