The Sooner State: Day Five

We spent some of Sunday night planning out most of the upcoming week. We knew we wanted to go the zoo at some point and Eric’s mom wanted to take the kids (and us) to a movie at some point. We had decided we’d do the zoo on Monday until someone was smart and looked at the weather and noticed that rain was expected.
We weren’t really thrilled at the prospect of going to the zoo in the rain, though the thought of it deterring others was actually quite tempting to me. Hahaha. It was finally decided that we’d go see a movie Monday afternoon and go to the zoo on Tuesday.
The movie we decided to see was Inside Out. I think most everyone in our little family wanted to see it and there really wasn’t a whole lot of resistance. Uncle Greg was more keen to see a movie about a dog, but due to numbers he was outvoted.
Thanks to Greg we have our only photos of the day…
We all enjoyed the movie, but also got a little sideshow as well.
There was a lady who brought her daughter in who had some sort of disorder. I’m not sure what it was, but it could’ve been a form of Tourette’s or something else. There was also another lady who had quite a few girls with her – probably a birthday party type thing.
The first lady did her best to keep her daughter quiet and to get her to enjoy the movie. But before too long, something snapped and she was literally throwing things. The lady with all the little girls moved her girls to a place in the theater farther away from the girl throwing things and we thought things were fine.
After a few more minutes the poor little girl had another melt down and went a little crazy again. The other little girls were freaked out by this point and the mom escorted them all out of the theater, I believe the mom of the girl with the disorder had also taken her out for a bit. 
Before too long mom with all the little girls had come back in with a worker and they were pointing out the girl causing a scene. The worker didn’t do much and I think the poor girls mom knew it was just not going to happen and so after finding a shoe or something, they left the theater.
I was kind of appalled at the lady with all the little girls actions. I guess she didn’t know what to do either, but making a bigger scene couldn’t have helped anything. I was super proud of my kids though, if they noticed what was happening they didn’t say a word. They didn’t freak out when the girl was screaming and throwing things and just kept watching the movie.
After the movie we needed to take a side trip to Target and Eric’s mom and brother needed to hit a grocery store or something. We took some time in Target and enjoyed being out of the rain. While in the store it was decided we’d have Little Ceasars for dinner and we were going to pick it up.
Because we were from out of town we had to rely on GPS. It worked out okay and we found it easily enough, though it took us a farther way than it needed to. While Eric was in grabbing the pizza, he ran into a guy who noticed Eric’s hat or shirt with the BYU logo. He asked Eric what he was doing in Nebraska and he told him he was visiting Grandparents and then learned the guy he was talking to was from Provo, Utah and had just recently moved to Nebraksa. So they talked for a couple minutes about the Cougars and their home state.
The rest of the night we just visited. The kids had all sorts of electronic fun to keep them entertained in the basement and we kept Jace in our sights. 

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