The Sooner State: Day Three (Independence Day)

Eric’s mom had told me that her aunts and her cousin would be joining us for lunch this day. She was a little nervous about cooking for a few extra people, just not knowing how much food to make. She told me what time they were planning on coming and so I planned accordingly.

Then they ended up showing up earlier than they had originally said, but Eric’s mom hadn’t had time to give the rest of us notice. It was okay for the most part as everyone was dressed and I had already done Shaylyn’s hair and I was ready. I went upstairs to get Ailey’s hair done only to discover the other family members were already there and Ailey was just not going to cooperate to get her hair done.

I had met these family members years before when we had gone to Nebraska and it was fun to visit again and they are super nice ladies. We had a good lunch and without going into too much detail, with all these older ladies visiting, I realized I really don’t want to get old….

{…Not sure what these boys were doing, but they were probably plotting or something similar…}

Eric’s moms aunts and cousin left around 2 pm, so we had some time to just relax and chill and that’s exactly what we did. I looked over at one point and saw the scene below. I knew I just had to take a picture.

Eric’s mom is constantly serving people and this trip was no exception. We couldn’t blame her for falling asleep as soon as she took 2 minutes to relax.

After dinner the kids were getting a little antsy and because it wasn’t quite dark enough for fireworks, I took them outside to just run around and play. And that’s exactly what they did.
They started off racing down the hill in front of Grandma and Grandpa’s…
They had fun just being kids and running around and as a usually busy mom, it was fun to watch them without having a million other things that needed to be done.
And because Eric and his brother were once kids, they made sure they had bought Snaps when they bought the fireworks and because you don’t need it to be dark to do Snaps, they let the kids go crazy and it turned into an all out war with Uncle Greg on the opposite side. There may have been a kid here and there that opted to be on Greg’s side a few times.
And no matter the age, boys will be boys. Eric and Greg had bought little tractor type fireworks and just HAD to turn it into some sort of competition….

I am proud to say I’m the wife of the winner. Although to be fair, I think Greg ended up with a dud.
And though it made this mommy a bit nervous, Eric and Greg helped the kids light flowers. The kids were ecstatic.

I married someone who’s a bit of a pyro and I think he only enjoys the 4th and 24th cause he gets to play with fire.
These boys are always giving their mom a hard time and had bought little popper type things to scare their poor mother with. They let me in on the secret so that I could get a picture, but I’m always just a little slow.
{…She suspects nothing and is prepping her camera…}
{…While I missed the action, I got her reaction…}
Eric and Greg had a wonderful group of spectators to create a fantastic show for…
And no 4th of July would be complete without sparklers.
Thanks for a fun and memorable night, Daddy and Uncle Greg!!!

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