The Sooner State: Day Two

By some miracle, we were all actually ready to leave the hotel at about 8:30. We had planned to go down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast as we got free meal coupons because of the mishap with the rooms, but the line for breakfast was insane and the look the hostess gave us when we said we needed a table for 8 was pretty ridiculous. We decided we’d just hit Burger King on the way out as it was just across the street from the hotel, right next to the freeway. 
On our way out of the hotel, we ran across this little guy, just enjoying some breakfast of his own.
After a good breakfast, we were on the road at about 9:30. At some point a couple hours later we decided to stop at Walmart. It was time for a potty break, but Eric also needed something (I can’t remember what) and I decided it was a good time to get snacks for Jace that weren’t messy and so we didn’t have to stop at gas stations so much.
We spent way too much time in Walmart and decided to drive for about another hour or so before stopping for lunch. 
Eric drove for a couple hours after lunch but then decided he needed a break and asked if I was okay driving. I was. The road to Nebraska is nothing compared to California. And because I was so anxious to just get to Grandma and Grandpa’s (I really don’t like to travel in the car), I just kept driving. We were good on gas and I figured if someone needed the potty, they’d let us know. We made up a little bit of time doing this and arrived at Grandma and Grandpa’s around 6 or 7, right in time for dinner.
Eric’s mom, brother and aunt had drove up a few days ahead of us and so they were there to welcome us as well. We visited for a bit, ate and then got the luggage out of the car and got settled.

Because Eric’s grandparents house is so small, Eric’s mom and aunt took turns sleeping on a mattress in the upstairs bedroom and sleeping on the couch. Eric’s brother ended up in the open basement on a bed that had been moved down there and there was a blow up mattress on the other end for some of our kids. We tried to keep the older ones out there so they wouldn’t bother their uncle too much. Eric and I and the little kids took the two beds in the bedroom in the basement. It was crowded, but we made it work. Even if little people occasionally snuck out just before bed and bothered their siblings.

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