The Sooner State: Day One

For those that aren’t aware, Eric’s maternal grandparents reside in Nebraska. They’ve been there their whole lives. (I believe, I think his grandpa may have been born in Iowa or something – but the majority of his adult life has been lived in Nebraska)

Eric spent many summers traveling to Nebraska to visit his grandparents and they came out to good ol’ Utah many a time. However, about 5 years or so ago they got to a point where it was almost too hard for them to travel. His grandma has to be on oxygen and from what I gather airplanes and tanks of oxygen don’t mix well.

We’ve been able to go and visit a couple times. The last time we went Ailey was just over a year old and so we were super excited for the opportunity for Grandma and Grandpa to meet Jace. It’s been nice to be able to visit them when Nate was only a few months old, when Ailey was a little over a year and now Jace got to meet them.

It was a good trip and so this post doesn’t end up being a horrendous amount of blabber to read, I’ll break our trip out in days. 
We left the afternoon of July 2nd. While we thought we had everything we might need, we still needed to make a stop at Walmart before we even got on the road. Our destination for the day was Cheyenne, Wyoming.

It was a trip that should’ve taken 6 hours, but it took us like 9. We had a few too many rest stops and I really wanted mashed potatoes for dinner and while I was looking for a KFC somewhere in the wilds of Wyoming – they don’t exist. So we made the somewhat stupid decision to stop at Applebees. It took them FOREVER to find us a table and we got a ton of looks with our big family. (We’re not in Happy Valley anymore, Toto.)

Dinner hit the spot and after we got back on the road it was only 20 minutes or so to the hotel. We got to the hotel only to discover that though we had reserved 2 rooms next door to each other – they gave them away because some old geezers doing a car show thought they were more important. So we had rooms like 10 doors away from each other. That WAS NOT going to work, so we all squeezed in one room.

The kids were kind of upset that we got to the hotel too late to go to the swimming pool, but what were we to do? We all went to bed and we planned to be back on the road by 9:00 the next morning.

Here’s a couple shots of the youngest two while we were on our forever long drive…

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