June’s Joys

And in the feature where I spew all the random things that happened in the month, I now present JUNE’S JOYS…
So I take the 3 older kids to the dentist (Eric stayed home with the youngsters) and while they have a regular waiting room and a kids waiting room – my teenagers and preteen opted to spend time in the kids waiting room…In their slight defense, they were playing Despicable Me on the tv.
One night Shaylyn’s best friend came over briefly and had her little sister with her. While Jace has seen this girl before very few times – for whatever reason on this night, he thought he should give her a big hug.

{…He’s sure proud of himself, but I’m not sure she liked it…}
For Christmas last year, my mom gave the little girls a little doll. She asked which one Ailey would like best and I told her the purple one. But then I got really sad when I realized Ailey pretty much wanted nothing to do with the doll. So when I actually found her sleeping and snuggled up with the doll, I made sure I captured that moment.
Eric and I finally decided to buy a small fire pit. It was something new for the kids and they enjoyed it. A few days later we still had the chairs up around the pit and Jace thought it was the perfect place to enjoy his lunch. He was so pleased to be eating his lunch outside and in a chair that was just his size.
Shaylyn is into art in all of its many forms. Chalk is just one medium that’s allowed her to improve upon her talents. One day I was surprised to walk outside and find this picture in my driveway.
She just looked at a picture on the internet and went to work. I’m glad she’s already got shading and blending figured out pretty well. She amazes me daily.

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