Best Nail Salon In Town

I discovered THE BEST nail salon in town recently. And would you believe, it was in my own front room. 
The story starts out a little something like this:
My friend Yvonne posted a picture on Facebook one day of the best mani/pedi she ever received. It was at the hand of her 5 year old son. I told her that he needed to come visit me stat. 
A few days later Yvonne asked me to watch her boys while she went to the dr. I agreed and thought nothing of it. I was switching a load of laundry when the boys showed up and as soon as Yvonne’s 5 year old saw me, he said I brought stuff to do your nails. 
I smiled and said, “Oh, okay. Just give me a minute I gotta finish switching laundry.” He decided he’d work on Ailey’s nails until I was ready.
When I was ready, I had not only my friend’s son going to work – but Ailey joined in as well. It felt super nice being pampered by 5 year olds. And I did feel slightly guilty for making them do such a simple task.
Seriously these kids are hired! I love their use of color and the excitement they have!

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