Father’s Day

Father’s Day was fast approaching and I wasn’t sure what to do for Eric. Especially after he made Mother’s Day so good for me. He’s not really big on holidays and constantly tells me he doesn’t really need anything, but that doesn’t sit well with me. In my mind, he should be appreciated and shown that appreciation.
Part of Eric’s ‘issue’ is that he feels there shouldn’t be just one day set aside for certain things, but that you should appreciate the people in your life everyday and not just because the calendar and/or world says it’s some sort of holiday. I can’t blame him for that train of thought.
So I was thinking about what to do for him and all I could come up with were clothing ideas. Not real exciting, but I had a few things in mind that I wanted to do that I could personalize myself.
To start out with I needed to get a couple t-shirts. I talked with my friend, Yvonne who had been making some t-shirts with vinyl for the game store and other gifts to find out where she had found the best deal. She told me Hobby Lobby, so I headed out. I also grabbed the heat transfer vinyl that I would need. 
As chance would have it I also decided to get Eric an expansion to a game he had talked about wanting, but couldn’t stomach buying it himself as he thought the price was a little bit much. I had no issues getting it for him. I stopped by the game store on my way home (during the day when Yvonne’s husband wasn’t at the store and so my surprise wouldn’t be ruined) and found that Yvonne was actually working – which is rare. I got to see the gift she was working on for her husband and talked with her a bit and then bought what Eric had mentioned wanting.
Then I went about making the personalized shirts for Eric. But I ended up messing the first try up and I was really upset about it. Once again, Yvonne came to the rescue and she had just enough vinyl for me to fix my mistake. When I was done I had these two shirts completed…
Even after having the game and the two t’s ready to go I still felt something was missing and so I decided to go with something Eric and I would both appreciate:


We had seen it in Disneyland and I’m not sure why, but Eric didn’t buy it then. We saw a guy with it on at one of Lex’s ballgames and I knew then that he needed it.
While I was done with gifts, Tanis had one that he wanted to give Eric and my dad that he had seen on Nerdy Nummies. It was super simple and I knew we could do it in a matter of minutes. So I took Tanis to the store, telling Eric we had to get stuff for something Tanis wanted to do for my dad. When Eric was gone we actually went about making Tanis’ gifts for them.
It was filled with Eric’s favorite candy when we gave it to him. The idea was for him to take it to work and keep it filled himself, but instead he left it home. It took my dad a bit to get the whole ‘Grandpa’s stache’ pun, but he appreciated it as did Eric. Especially knowing it was Tanis’ idea.
There’s so much more I wish I could’ve given Eric and he deserves more than what I’m able to give. He is a terrific dad and does so much for his kids. He is there for them in every way there is and he finds ways to spend time with them one on one. Thanks for being the best Dad, Eric!

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