In an effort to spend more time as a family this summer, my mom wanted to do a few things out of the norm. She asked for a few ideas and had some herself. One idea that was pretty mutual between her and I was doing a murder party.

If you haven’t heard of it before, don’t get too excited. It’s a game where you take on the role of a suspect whose friend/relative/aquaintance is found dead. A group of you are gathered together and you’re trying to figure out who done it.

A couple Christmases ago, Eric’s brother gave us a Murder Mystery game that had a Hawaiian Luau as the setting. Since we hadn’t used it since we got it, we (I) decided it was the perfect one for the get together my mom wanted to do.

We decided we’d do a couples thing for the marrieds in my family. It worked out well. While we missed my older sister (she decided to move 3 hours away), the rest of us were able to find a date that worked wonderfully and we got together. I tried my best to create some sort of atmosphere of a Hawaiian luau, but seeing as how I’ve never been to Hawaii or to a real luau – I did my best.

I’ve got to say I absolutely loved what everyone came wearing and how everyone really lived up to their parts. If I was giving awards, my little sister would’ve won the costume award and my mom would’ve won the award for best actress.

My dad’s character was a chief on the island, he’d lived on the island his whole life and really didn’t like tourists. My mom was the wife of a rich guy and loved having money to spend and to show off.

My older brother was the epitome of a tourist who had just gotten of the ship or airplane (can’t remember which) and his wife was a swimsuit model who had just finished up a shoot in France or somewhere and was taking a nice relaxing vacation in Hawaii.
My little sister was a local dancer and because the characters name was Leilani and her name is Kaeloni – it just fit. She got major points for braving the coconut shells. Her husband was a famous surfer who had since retired from the sport, but was still bringing in money doing random endorsements and running his own surf shop.
Eric’s character was a scuba instructor and I was a local who was really into gardening.
We really did have a good night and my older kids kept the younger kids mostly entertained, so it really was just the adults. 

I’d love to tell you more of the story, but that would ruin the game for anyone who might be interested in playing it at a later date.

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