Lex turned 11 this year and had all sorts of celebrations. 
Eric’s been doing a little D&D campaign with his buddy, his two boys and Tanis and Lex. They play on Thursdays and Lex’s birthday just happened to fall on a Thursday. We asked Lex if he still wanted to do D&D or if he’d rather do something else. He decided he wanted to do D&D. He also wanted to wait for his cake for when his friends were there.
We started off the night by letting him open his tide over present (his real present was delayed by a day, UGH!)…

{…Yes, I used leftover Christmas wrap. I’m cheap that way…}

{…He’s about as happy as I expected him to be. It was just a plastic container after all…}

{…This little dude was happy to celebrate anything at all…}
So after the D&D group arrived and before they got down to business, we sang Happy Birthday and did the whole cake thing. Eric’s mom had run across a baseball glove cupcake cake on Facebook (Yes, she’s on FB – it’s fun) and showed it to me. Knowing it wasn’t what Lex wanted to theme his ‘real’ birthday party around, I decided it was a good way to celebrate on his birthday. For whatever reason though – the first time in my entire life of baking cupcakes – I had a couple that didn’t turn out and so I was a bit short on the number needed for the ball glove. I made do and Lex wasn’t any the wiser and still liked his cake.
The next morning, his birthday present came and because he already knew what it was, I let him open the box as soon as they got it in the house.

{…See, still excited to celebrate whatever…}
Then it was time to think PARTY. Because Eric had taken Lex to see Jurassic World, Lex wanted that kind of party. I did my best to oblige, but I’m not too terribly creative, so it was what it was. We started out with invites.
We planned his party for a Saturday afternoon, knowing we had two ballgames in the morning. Lex’s game was at 11 and because the game ahead of them ended late, they started late. That meant I had to leave the game early to go prep the house and do some final work to prepare for the party.
Eric took the other kids off to do something so I was able to throw a party without our kids adding to the fun. I planned a few fun games outdoors that had a ‘dinosaur’ theme to it. The boys had lots of fun playing those games, but because I was doing the party solo, I didn’t take any pictures.
Then it was time for gifts, as per Lex’s request.
And of course, no party is complete without the cake. So for the cupcakes for his party, I ‘tried’ to do some dinosaur terrain type cupcakes. They didn’t turn out as great as they looked in my head (Nothing really ever does), but Lex was still pleased and enjoyed them. I just liked that it was easy. 
Happy Birthday, dude. I hope this was a great birthday and one you’ll always remember. We love you!

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