Not So Tiny Dancer

After her experience with cheer last year, Shaylyn decided she didn’t really want to do it again. While she enjoyed the cheer part of it and that kind of thing, the director wasn’t someone Shaylyn wanted to deal with if she had any choice. I couldn’t blame her and was kind of glad she opted not to do it. (It was a time drain)

However, her and her best friend Mikayla still wanted to do something. So after looking around they decided on dance. They got a bit lucky as the dance studio we decided on also offered a cheer type class – so they weren’t missing out really. They’d still learn fancy tricks, but it’d be with a nicer person and it wouldn’t take up so much of their lives.

So they took a Jazz dance class as well as the cheer/tumbling class. They enjoyed it a lot and were super excited for their recital. I was super excited that the recital was close by and the costume prices weren’t outrageous.

Thankfully, I was on top of my game and remembered to tell Eric’s mom when the recital was. She decided to make a day of it and came to the boys games in the morning and then hung around and came to the recital that night. She was a lifesaver. Eric had to work at the game store that night and had to leave the recital early, which would’ve left me alone with the 5 other kids, but with Eric’s mom around – it was so much easier.

So for those of you that missed the recital, but maybe want to see her dances, the video is below. The 1st dance was from her cheer/tumbling class the 2nd was her Jazz and the final one was part of the finale. I was slightly frustrated at my angle during her Jazz routine as Shaylyn gets blocked, but there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about it.
Afterwards, I made sure to get some cute shots of my dancer and her best friends, cause they are pretty inseperable.

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