Pony Days Parade

After sitting and watching Shaylyn do the city parade last year, I was sort of excited that she wouldn’t be doing it again. While it should be fun, and in some ways it is – it’s mostly a lot of stress for me. And early mornings, which don’t bode well with me, like ever.
Then we get the news that Lex’s ball team was going to be participating. A mom of one of the kids on his team helps with the parade in some form and added their team to the lineup. I guess it was a good thing for the team as they were the team that won last year (not sure that all the same kids were on it last year).
So, Lex had to be there early and we decided instead of the whole family waiting for 2 hours or whatever it was, we’d just have Eric drop Lex off and find a place for us to sit. I’d get the rest of the crew ready and we’d head over closer to start time.
I got all the other kids ready and we headed out. We found Eric easy enough and got there just before they closed off a street, which meant it was almost time for the parade to start.
Eric and I were pretty annoyed this year as there seemed to be a lot more business advertising than there was last year and it felt more like a moving advertisement than showing off what talents and fun things there are in the city. We also had some kids infringe on our kids space – pretty much knocking them over and getting in the way anytime they threw candy. And the mother didn’t say a word. It was frustrating. And I’m not talking little kids fighting my little kids. It was a girl who was probably 12 and her brother was probably 10, getting in the way of my 2, 5 and 7 year olds. UGH.
Anyway, we bit our tongue and tried to enjoy what we could.

{…Chickfila is always a favorite…}

{…I may have been a little overexcited by the dalmation, but Lex was following right behind…}

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