May’s Madness

And just in case you thought we weren’t busy enough in May – here’s a look at the other little things that happened.
Jacen absolutely loves his uncle Greg’s dog, Charity. Every Sunday or time we are visiting grandma, Jace can’t wait to play with Charity. They are pretty cute together.
Eric kind of has a soft spot for Charity as well.
And this is how the older kids spent most of their time at grandma’s…

{Disney Channel cause we don’t have it at home}
Sometimes the older folk watch tv today. Mostly it’s when Greg is also visiting. But we had all been out throwing the ball around before and we quickly decided we are all old. (Thus the wonderful look on my face.)
The little kids keep themselves entertained in other ways. Yay for imagination!
Because we knew we’d be gone most of the day on Memorial Day, we took the dogs to Grandma’s house with us. On the way home (after a very long day), we made a stop at the gas station. Eric ran in to get something and Flower made sure she kept an eye out for him to come back.
When I made my Mother’s Day gifts this year, I had to buy a big bouquet of artificial flowers – but I only used 4 of them, so I had a bunch left over. I was trying to figure out what to do with them, when I decided I could make a cute wreath of sorts. So I ‘stole’ some flower tape from my friend and went to work.

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