Memorial Day 2015

This year we broke from tradition and did something different.
Knowing that this day can be hard for people that have lost someone and knowing that it’s kind of a hard day for Eric now, we decided to see if Eric’s mom and brother wanted to do something. We threw a few ideas around but eventually settled on going to the zoo.
So bright and early we got to Eric’s moms house and from there we traveled to the zoo. I couldn’t believe how crowded it already was and it was early. We made our way in and discovered that Eric’s brother really wasn’t feeling great. He sat down and told us to go and start seeing things. So we started off at the big dino at the front.
We then made our way over to the giraffes and the other Savanna animals.
But like any mother would be, Eric’s mom was growing more concered with Eric’s brother. It was finally decided that she’d take Greg home and we’d meet up for lunch/dinner after we finished with the zoo.
And because the zoo was hosting temporary dino exhibits, we had lots of fun with the fun things they had to go along with the dino exhibits.

{Yes we totally traded in the wagon for a stroller, Jace felt really unsafe in the wagon}
And because we have a membership we can never go to the zoo without riding the carousel…
So when we were done we headed back to Eric’s moms house and had a wonderful lunch. We also got some time to hang out with Greg and his mom. Thankfully, Greg was feeling better and I think the boys were able to go out and throw a ball around – which was what Lex had been waiting for all day.
We would’ve spent more time with Eric’s mom and brother, but with my little sister’s upcoming hectic schedule, she decided to have her daughters birthday party that night. I didn’t blame her and totally supported her decision.
Before we headed to the party though, I wanted to stop by my grandpa’s grave as well as Eric’s dad. It made us a little late for the party, but I thought it was important and I knew my sister would understand.
When we arrived at my mom’s the party hadn’t started yet. I can’t remember why, but I was glad it wasn’t because we were running late.
My dad was still resting anyway and I made sure I got a picture of that.
It was a very interesting day, full of many emotions. I am thankful for the time we got to spend with both of our families. And I’m always thankful on days like today that my parents and Eric’s parents bought houses close together. 

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