When the powers that be decided that the prison needed to be moved from its current location, our city was one of the cities that they thought would make a good site. One of the head guys made a mention that the only thing he ever saw when he came out this way was cows. Which was funny as a day or so before there had been a newspaper article written about our city being one of the youngest and fastest growing cities in the state.

My big issues with the prison being moved out here was how close to an elementary school they were looking (thankfully not my kids school, but still) and how it would impact future growth.

One of my good friends decided to help spearhead a campaign against it and since she does some photography on the side decided to gather as many kids as she could and get some pictures at the park to show that there are more than cows out here.

I was glad to have my kids participate.

Jace didn’t want to sit with a bunch of strangers, Ailey lost her spot bringing Jace back to me – so she was mad and Nate was standing just strangely enough that he kind of got cropped out…

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