Ailey’s Day With Grandma

I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but somehow for birthdays this year – Eric’s mom decided to take each of the kids around their birthday for a day with just her. Most of the kids have a sleep-over, then go to a movie, lunch and birthday shopping the next day.
With Ailey, Grandma came and got her the Saturday before her birthday party Sunday. She came in plenty of time to go see a movie and get food. The day ended up being somewhat overcast and it might’ve even been raining. And of course, I couldn’t find Ailey’s jacket anywhere.
Grandma decided their first stop would be to a store to grab a jacket. Ailey has a strange fear of storms and doesn’t like to get out of the house or a car in the rain, so they didn’t end up getting a jacket or going to a movie. I can’t remember if Ailey even had opposition to Grandma stopping at a drive-thru for dinner. She just wanted to get to Grandma’s where she felt safe.
When she got to Grandma’s she had the time of her life.
{Grandma got her a whole slew of art supplies and Ailey was loving life}
{Giving her ponies a pool party}
{Grandma HAD to stop at a dollar store for something and Ailey chose a little tea set}
{Then she decided to let the ponies have a tea party}
{This girl just loves to use her imagination}
Yup, I think it’s fair to say she had a great time. She even told Grandma and me (just a few times) that she wanted to live with Grandma.

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