Preschool ‘Graduation’

One downside of Ailey not being in a ‘real’ preschool was that she wouldn’t really have a graduation. Before the group had started the ‘joy school’ thing, they had discussed doing a graduation of some sort. Well then the person whose week it was going to be had a baby only a week or two before. The rest of us moms left it up to her to decide if she felt up to doing it still. If it was me, I totally would’ve taken the out. But being the person she is, she put her 4 year old first and the rest of these kids and went ahead with the graduation.
It wasn’t anything grand and it wasn’t too terribly long, but it was the perfect amount of time for these kids and they were so excited to be ‘up on stage’ showing off what they had learned.
The kids sung a couple of their favorite songs, and my child doesn’t have the best of attitudes in the morning…we’ll work on it. On the plus side, she definitely knows how to use her perogative.

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