Spring Concert 2015

It was time for the year end band concert for Tanis and Shaylyn. Because the concert fell on a day when Eric was needed at the game store, and because my 2 babysitters were IN the concert, I was playing single mom.
It wasn’t the best of times. Jace did not want to be there and though Nate and Ailey tried really hard to be good, the concert got a little long.

Thankfully, after Shaylyn performed – her and her friend came over to where I was sitting. Her friend just happened to have a bunch of gummy bears and that helped keep the kids quiet. It also helped that Shaylyn took Jace to the hall for a little bit.

Was she supposed to be sitting with the rest of the group? Probably. Am I mad that she didn’t? Heck no! She was my hero at that point in time.

Shaylyn’s group of beginning band was the first to perform and they did 2 songs. The director tried to make it a Movie Night of sorts and so each group played at least one song from a movie. Shaylyn was super excited to do Mission:Impossible.

Tanis’ class played two songs, one of which was music from Pirates of the Carribean, which is one of Tanis’ favorite movies and then he got to play with the more advanced band and they did a medly of songs from Star Wars.

It was one concert Eric wouldn’t have minding being at, but life is what it is.

Because of my position and holding a kid, I didn’t get any good photos of Shaylyn, but I got one of Tanis.
And here’s the video for those of you that like hearing things:
{,,,Shaylyn is to the right of the kid with the glasses, she’s not quite visible for most of it 😦 …}

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