Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom’s birthday is on May 1st and as much as I hate to admit it, I usually roll Mother’s Day and her birthday into one thing. It’s really kind of sad and she tries hard to make sure we celebrate everyone else’s birthday, but we seem to always forget about her.
This year my little sister and older sister made sure that didn’t happen.They decided we were going to all go to dinner and because no one can ever agree on anything, we just let my mom make the decision on where she wanted to go. 
She chose Famous Dave’s and they did a great job of accomodating our group of 25 or so. We had a room all to our selves, which came in handy.
Most of us made it before my parents and so we were waiting for just a few minutes while they got our tables ready. I took advantage of photo ops.
After getting back to our tables, we still had a bit of a wait for my parents and older sister. They had gone to my Grandma’s home (that recently was sold) to grab some furniture and things that people wanted to keep.
So the kids had to wait for awhile again. But they were okay with that. They had room to run without annoying other customers. Had we not had our own private room, it wouldn’t have happened.
The older boys tried really hard to stay in their seats, but once the music hits you, it hits you…
And because you always get drinks before your meal, Shaylyn and I had a nice conversation about her drink choice. It was like a million degrees outside and she got hot chocolate. HOT CHOCOLATE people on the brink of summer.

{…Ignore the face paint. She was at a fundraiser for most of the morning…}
So I’m giving the girl a hard time about her drink of choice when she oh, so kindly points out this sign:
Yup, she’s her father’s child….
We eventually got our orders and mine came with a tomato, which I don’t eat. We like to call them devil wafers in this house. Anyway, I had it sitting on my plate and Jace grabs it and goes in for a big bite…I got prepared with the camer and we found out that he doesn’t really mind tomatoes. (At least the first couple bites)
While we waited for the bills my mom took a bunch of the kids outside to wait. Jace actually went with them and didn’t mind. ::SHOCK:: I wish I had taken a picture, but I wasn’t out there soon enough. 
I also realized I never got a picture of the birthday girl either. What’s wrong with me?
After dinner we headed back to my mom’s and had fun visiting. It really was a good night and I was glad that we were all able to make it. We were only missing one sibling and well he lives in another state, so it wasn’t going to happen.

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