Going Back A Few Decades

The Jr. High was having an upcoming dance that they were dedicating to a few different decades. The kids were supposed to dress in the decade of their choice to go to the dance. Now, had it just been Tanis in Jr. High – I probably wouldn’t have heard a thing about it. But with Shaylyn also in Jr. High, I heard about it almost as soon as they found out about it.
Shaylyn and her best friend, Mikayla already knew they were going to use the 50’s/60’s for their costumes. These girls talked about the dance constantly. I kept thinking it was weeks and weeks away. 
Next thing I knew I was texting Shaylyn to come home from Mikayla’s one night and she told me that they were working on their costumes for the dance that was happening in a couple of days. (Woosh…April flew by) 
When Shaylyn came home with all of her costume I was super thankful that Mikayla has a mom that’s on top of things and more often than not includes my kid in that.
Tanis on the other hand wasn’t really interested in going. Even up until the day before he said he was just going to come home. Somehow, either Shaylyn and Mikayla talked him into it – or his other friends did, but Tanis actually decided to go to.
We decided the 50’s would be easy for him and I was floored when I learned the kid only has 2 pair of long pants and neither were washed. So, I had him wear a white tee and we rolled the sleeves up. We made it work and he had a fun time at the dance.
Because the weather was a bit cold and rainy the kids had me pick them up from the dance, so I made sure I got some great pictures of them in their costumes as soon as we got home.
{…They each chose their favorite number for the back…}
{…They didn’t actually find the right shoes, they just had white canvas shoes that they took a sharpie to. Pretty creative!…}

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