Start Your Engines

I’m not sure where I was, but I heard little to nothing of the upcoming Pinewood Derby. I think I had my friends mention the date once, but I almost immediately forgot. I didn’t even know who had the cars or anything like that.
Thankfully my friend, Yvonne had my back. She texted me one night telling me she’d pick up the boys (Lex and her son) from band practice the next day and that she’d take them to her dad’s shop to get the cars made. She also told me who to contact to get a car. Seriously, I don’t know what would’ve happened had she not been on top of things.
So the next night she picks up the boys and after a couple of hours she sent me this picture:
I absolutely loved seeing my kid working hard on his car and doing the work himself. 
A few days later it was time for the Derby. I was thankful they started at 10 on Saturday morning instead of something like 9. It made it easier to actually get there. I had Eric take Lex around 9 to weigh in and the rest of us were able to make it by 10.

{Waiting ‘patiently’ for the show to start…}

{Watching the races…}
And how did Lex do? Here’s a look. Each kid raced 1 time in each lane for a total of 3 races. His car is black with a red stripe down the middle. He called it The Black Widow.
He had some trouble with one of his wheels, so it didn’t travel like it should’ve. But it did better than his cars in previous years have done.
Thankfully this is a kid who just enjoys participating and while he’d like to win, he doesn’t get crushed if he doesn’t. I’m thankful for that part of his personality.
It was then time for awards and he requested a picture taken with his friends – who also happen to be Yvonne’s boys. 

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