Hope of America

Every year the 5th graders in the area all gather together to do a program all about America. It turns out to be a really big thing and within 2 days there are a bunch of elementary schools in the area that participate. There are so many schools and stuff that the parents pretty much fill up the Marriot Center at BYU. That’s a lot of people.

Shaylyn opted not to do it when she was in 5th grade, but both Tanis and Lex showed a real excitement for it when it was their turn. So it had been 4 years since we had participated and because of Lex’s enthusiasm, I was kind of excited.

While we got there before the show actually started, it was already so crowded. Thankfully we were able to find a seat that gave us a good view of Lex and because I had my camera with me, I was able to get pretty good shots of Lex.

This year the program seemed to run a bit smoother than I remember it going with Tanis. There were a few other performers that performed in between the kids singing. All in all it was a nice night.
{My kid’s in red, on the right hand side about the 5th row up, can you spot him?}

{One of the performers was an Osmond, he got relatively close to Lex. Lex is 5 rows up}

And if you have some time to kill (15ish minutes), here’s the video of the songs from the night.

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