Easter Best

Somehow Ailey’s dress becomes the inspiration point for the rest of the family for Easter clothes. Eric’s mom found Ailey’s dress first and we went from there. Shaylyn’s dress was found next and while it didn’t match Ailey’s exactly, there was similar shades in it – so our color scheme was shades of green.

Finding the boys shirts were easy enough as was Jacen’s outfit. But when it came time for me, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I really don’t like shopping for clothes and I just get more depressed than anything else when I do.

Then one day an ad for Downeast Basics came in the mail and the whole mailer was outfits in shades of green. So I took a little trip, by myself, to Downeast and looked for the items I had seen in the mailer. I found them quickly enough and tried them on. Thankfully they had the things I really liked in my size.

After trying them on, I couldn’t decide which looked better, so I bought both picks. (That’s what happens when there’s no one with you to give you a second opinion) We did our pictures the week after Easter because Easter was on General Conference and we really didn’t feel the need to dress up that day. I also decided that I’d go with the dress rather than the maxi skirt for pictures because the dress was slightly dressier.

And because we always have a ton of pictures, I decided to just slideshow them for you all.


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