Easter Morning

This year I had a nice talk with the Easter Bunny. I had decided it was time to have a more Christ centered Easter as my kids are older now. I gave the Easter Bunny some leeway on Ailey and Jace as neither of them can read yet, but the other 4 were going to have a more Christ centered Easter. 
I scoured Pinterest and found some great ideas that I then passed on to the Easter Bunny. He made good of our discussion and had printed out paper eggs with scriptures written on them. This also meant my kiddos had less junk food (although it wouldn’t be Easter without some) and some more tangible items.
Eric was working late the night before Easter morning and the Easter Bunny had to get on with business, so I was left alone putting the baskets together and hiding them. After so many years, you kind of run out of places to hide baskets, so I had to get creative.
Shaylyn ended up finding everyone’s basket in the morning, except for hers. It took her a couple hours to find hers, which made everyone laugh. Thankfully, she thought it was fun as well. And much to my chagrin, the kids were all up at 7 wanting to find their baskets. At least I was able to go back to bed afterwards.

{He’s not pretending to be a cat, his basket was hidden behind the curtain, behind the couch}

{I may or may not have stuck her basket in the rice cooker, on the top shelf of the pantry and hid it behind other items. Eric may or may not have moved said items when he found Shaylyn’s basket to make it a bit easier on the girl.}

{In case anyone’s worried, those were clean clothes}
{Love that this kid pretty much was asking for permission to dig in}

{All this kid wanted was the dang Peeps. I have no idea whose kid he is.}
The kids had fun getting into their baskets while I went back to sleep. Just before 10, I woke up and we sat down and watched conference. During conference I glanced over at Shaylyn a couple times and saw the little girl we don’t see much of anymore, so I grabbed a couple shots. There was also a time Domino was just resting against Shaylyn in such a cute way that it was a moment I wanted to remember.

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