Another Lunchtime Date

It was one of those days where there wasn’t a lot going on and not much planned. Eric had gone to work just like any day and not long after I got the kids off to school and got on the computer, I got an IM from Eric telling me I should join him for lunch. (This time he had no reason like forgetting his wallet, he just wanted to see us)
I wanted to get out and always enjoy meeting up for lunch during the day. Especially now that Eric spends a lot of time after work at his pseudo second job. I also knew Ailey would be thrilled to ride on the train again and she’s always excited to see Daddy.
So while Ailey was at preschool, I got Jace and I ready to go. We picked Ailey up from preschool and we were off. And as I suspected, Ailey was thrilled with the prospect of going on the train again.
The train ride was really uneventful and when we met up with Eric we decided we’d go to Cafe Rio for lunch. This particular location wasn’t quite as crowded as most locations are that we’ve been too – but that could’ve been because we went at an offish time.
We had a good lunch and Ailey really enjoyed having lunch with Daddy. It was then time to head back home. The kids were going to be getting home soon and there were things I decided I should probably get done. 
While we were waiting for our train, I took a few pictures. I love these pictures because they really show off Jace and Ailey’s personalities as of late.
Watching For The Train
I THINK She Might Have Spotted The Train
Big Hero 6  Has Taught This Kid One Thing….Fist Bumps
Don’t Leave Me Hanging, Dad
It’s This Kids’ Favorite Thing To Do….Ba da la la la

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