March Mayhem

March was one of those months that had a lot of just random things happen, but they were all in need of being photographed. Or that might just be my opinion…
We’ll start off with teenage girls getting ahold of my phone and thinking they’re funny. (And I thought I needed to keep my phone away from the little ones)
Our trip then takes us to pictures the 5 year old likes to take. Most of the time they are of her little toys, but she actually got one that was worth keeping. Domino is such a snuggler and likes to snuggle up with whatever. It’s usually one of us humans, but sometimes a blanket works just as well.
Wanna know what happens when kids get into the container full of random plugs and things Dad still thinks he needs and then leaves them out? The power source to one such things gets left somewhat out of the box and then when Mommy’s in a hurry she’ll step on it just right so that it causes this:
And after two days of trying her best to stay off the foot as much as possible, but it’s not so easy because life doesn’t slow down – it looks like this:
Because I’m a cool mom, I let Shaylyn get her hair dyed purple. No, I’m not kidding. I seriously let this kid do it. I figure it’s just hair it’ll grow out eventually and it did. It didn’t last as long as I hoped, but it made this kid happier than happy.
As soon as a mutual friend of mine and Eric’s introduced something to the FB world, Eric’s words were something like, “Oh dear.” Because he knew exactly what would happen. I sent him the following picture with the caption, “Oh, yes we did!” Sadly, it was a bit of a letdown for me, but Shaylyn really loved them.
Then allergies attacked! They attacked the kid I was least expecting them too. This poor kid could barely open his eye. And it was one of those times just looking at him hurt me as his mom (it still does). He got a free pass to stay home from school this day.
When you’re little, you can find the BEST hiding spaces. Jace found one in one of Grandma’s entertainment center cupboards. Sadly I wasn’t quick enough to get him hiding out in there, but I got him as he was escaping. 
When you’re tired, you’re tired and sometimes you sleep in funny ways and sometimes Mommy actually gets a picture of it. Maybe he knew it was good for his heart???
You know it’s rarely good news when you get a phone call from the school. You know it’s worse news when the message says, “We have our little Nate friend here and he hit his head on the cement….” My heart skipped about 20 beats. His teacher then calls my cell phone and says he fell while playing at recess, he did hit it on concrete, they stopped the bleeding, it wasn’t that bad and he currently has ice on it – but he wanted to talk to me. So I talk to him and he wants to come home. I don’t blame the kid so I go get him from school and poor kid had a nasty goose egg. You could definitely tell it hurt – he was also a bit more solemn that day.
Totally don’t blame the kid. Guess March was the month of unexpectedness…or something.

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