It’s The Wearin’ O’ The Green, Dontchaknow?

This year the kids all got new shirts for St. Patrick’s Day, but did I think to get any pictures of that? No. Jace even had cute little jammies for the occasion. Maybe I went a bit overboard. However, we made a bit of the day more festive.
We started out our day visiting Nate at school to view all of their leprechaun traps. I showed Nate a few ideas and he wanted to do one that incorporated Lego’s. I was all for it until I saw that we have a very small number of green Lego’s. What’s with that? 
So we still did it working with what we had. Nate was also in such a hurry that it really didn’t look real ‘St. Patty’s Day’ themed. I did let him paint the pennies gold and put them where he wanted. So overall, he was happy. I felt bad that it wasn’t more festive though.
For dinner, I kept things fairly simple – but we had a green meal. (Minus the rolls) We had chicken fettucini (or whatever type of pasta I used), cucumbers, rolls and I made a fun drink. I dyed what I could green and it meant that a few of the little kids were scared to eat, but they soon discovered everything tasted the same.
We then had dessert, which is something we don’t have on a daily basis. I made a fun pudding thing that I found a few years ago and we topped that off with chocolate covered pretzels.

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