Gamers Inn

In a previous post I mentioned how Eric’s friend, Anthony, bought a game store from another family in the neighborhood who had to move out of state due to a new job offer. I also mentioned that Eric helps Anthony out a lot and is an unofficial co-owner/employee – whatever. I don’t think they’ve actually given Eric any sort of official title.
Anyway, Eric’s mom had come out to visit with me and the kids one day and while she would, of course, love to see her son – he had to be at the store that night. Eric told me to convince his mom to come see the store. Somehow after dinner, I did. 
I took all the kids, a friend and mom and showed her the store. We were there on a free Magic tournament game night or something, so it was crazy busy – but mom was sure to get some pictures.
It was a good night and though we only stayed for a few minutes, I could tell Eric was happy to see his mom and vice versa.
And now for a shameless plug: if you happen to be in the vicinity of Lehi, stop in. They don’t just specialize in ‘nerd’ type games, there’s lots of board games. They are really aiming to be a family game store. Also, if you want to see what Eric’s spent most of his time doing, you can check out the website. He’s been programming that and in the near future, you’ll be able to buy off the site. 

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