Cabela’s Field Trip

It was time for another preschool fieldtrip. The place this time: Cabelas. It’s nice that we have one within a half hour of us. So Ailey’s been there a couple times in her life, but I don’t think we’d been in a year or so, so it was still new to her.
We started off with a tour of the place. We went through the big aquarium and the kids were going crazy seeing all the big fish. We toured the rest of the bottom floor and ended up feeding the fish in the pond. Ailey really enjoyed it and loved watching the fishies go for the food.
After feeding the fish, we headed upstairs where the kids were treated to a free piece of fudge. (Okay, so were the adults) Then the kids got to go to the shooting gallery. I missed Ailey doing that because I had to run to the cafe to pay for a sucker Ailey wanted and the guy couldn’t figure out how to work the cash register for something one of my friends was buying.
Ailey seemed to have a really fun time at Cabela’s, but I think the funnest part of the trip for her was having a lot of her friends in the same car with her going to Cabela’s and then going home with one of her best friends and stopping at another store on the way home.

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