New Floors!

When we bought our house, we had linoleum floors put in for the kitchen, bathrooms and front entry way. It was okay, but it definitely showed every mess on the floor and after so long it started to have a few issues.
One of the main issues was a part of it was literally starting to tear up and pull away from the floor. It became a safety issue and we decided that what we needed to do with part (or most of) our tax refund was fix the flooring.
We definitely didn’t want ot do linoleum again, and we both love the look of wood floors. As soon as we had thought about redoing the floor (even before the tear became a huge issue), we had gone and got some samples from The Home Depot. We had both decided we liked a darker wood look and it contrasted well with our light wood cabinets.
Well when it came time to look at getting the floor installed, Lowe’s was doing an installation sale, so we looked into Lowe’s. They didn’t have the exact floor we had loved at The Home Depot but they had a floor we almost liked even better, so we got the process started.
Holy cow, working with Lowe’s was a freaking joke. Almost like the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing. It started out all right and the guy got us all set up for a guy to come out later in the week to do measurements. That guy came and did his job and we figured we’d hear back from Lowe’s the next day. We never heard a word. So Eric calls the next day and there is no one in flooring – so Eric gets transferred (or asks) to a manager. The manager gets a hold of someone in flooring, but they don’t have a clue whats going on. They had to wait for someone else to get off lunch or something to get the info. Eventually we get told we just need to come into the store to sign off on the install and we could get going.
So we head to the store when we’re in the vicinity and sign and get a date for the install. Eric gets called the next day and gets told we needed to buy the supplies and have them in the house for 3 days before we can get it installed. Why in the heck didn’t the sales guy tell us the day before? So we’re back to Lowe’s buying all the supplies.
The install happens without complaint. The guy who does it is a nice guy and really works fairly fast and we absolutely end up loving our floors. But we soon discover that when Lowe’s originally billed us for the work, they added like a $200 cost for pulling carpets. The guy who did our floors didn’t have to pull any carpet. Eric went about seeing about a refund for that cost and thankfully they DID give it to us.
Moral of the story – Lowe’s needs to get their act together, but my floors are awesome!
(Wish I would’ve thought to take a picture of the part of the floor that was tearing up)

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