February Fun

Now we get to look at all the random fun we had in February.
It starts with a picture of Nate. He was Star Student of the Week in his class and he wanted me to take a picture of him with his new Batman game to put it on it. Yes, that thing he is holding is a game case…
Eric’s mom wanted to treat us to a movie. The one we thought we all might enjoy was Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb. It was pretty good, but I’m a little biased because it was one of the last movies Robin Williams did. Tanis really enjoyed it because he’s loved all the Night At The Museum movies.
Then we have Ailey sleeping. Look closely. She not just laying on a blanket, she’s laying on the dog. Poor thing. Not sure why the dog even stayed put while she did so.
Finally, we have more from Ailey. This girl has no shortage of imagination. This particular day she was playing with ponies, action figures and toy houses, the Batcave, Diego’s treehouse, yet they all still lived together in harmony.

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