January’s Joy

Here’s a quick look at the random and fun happenings from January.
This may or may not be the reason I don’t get a whole lot of laundry done.
My favorite part of any morning (if I can even say I have a favorite part of the morning) is when I get to spend an hour or so snuggling up with my little guy.
At only a year and a half, this kid is already big on using his imagination…I was really surprised to see him playing with these figures from Disney Infinity the same way his older sister plays with her toys.

My baby just may be the next Tony Hawk.

Or not…
It’s not rare to see Ailey doing crafty things. One day after I did preschool, we had an extra set of the activity we did. Ailey went about making her own thing and called on Raphael the Ninja Turtle to help her out.
Sometimes when you’re the youngest in the family, you get a lot of tricks played on you – especially when you’re a little too young to fight back. So when his older siblings put a pair of Ailey’s pants on his head, Jace didn’t know what to think about it.
Finally, after watching me wrap Shaylyn’s birthday gifts, Ailey wanted to wrap something. So I decided to stick all of Shaylyn’s gifts in a box and I let Ailey wrap the box. It made her happy and it didn’t hurt anything I was doing.

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