Random December

Here’s a look at the random events that happened in December.
We start with a shopping trip that proved to be too much for Ailey. I went shopping with Eric’s mom looking for a few things and after a short time in the 2nd store, Ailey decided she had had enough.
We made sure we hurried and finished our trip and then took the poor girl to get some lunch. 
SIDE STORY: On the way to meet up with Eric’s mom the song Santa Baby came on and Ailey said something like, “This song is stupid. Santa IS NOT a baby.” I had to explain to her what the song was really saying and left it at that.

At lunch another version of Santa Baby was playing to which Ailey said, “UGH! Not this song again! I HATE this song.”

She makes me laugh.
Next up we have Jace’s first experience with Oreo cookies. We were at Eric’s mom’s house and she gave Jace his first Oreo. This smart little bugger knew the correct way to eat Oreo’s without any previous experience…crazy!
I think Jace really likes Oreo’s. What do you think?
In our house, real life happens. Or I may have gotten a little sidetracked by a Jimmy Fallon video while Jace was eating lunch. I blame Eric. He does distracting things when he works from home. Anyway, after viewing the video Eric wanted me to see, I came back to this….
Guess he was done with his food and all ready for his nap! Thankfully he stayed asleep when I moved him from the high chair to his bed.
And what happens when you let a pre-teen get puff paint with extra Christmas money? She decorates her and her sisters shoes…
So I didn’t much care that she decorated her shoes. I bought them for 4 bucks at the DI, so Tanis had shoes for the Renaissance Festival a few years ago. Somehow she ended up with them. I was a little bothered when she started decorating Ailey’s shoes though, but she did the bat signal for Batman on one shoe and one for Batgirl on the other. She got major props for creativity and Ailey loved it when all was said and done, so no harm – no foul.

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