Do You Want To Build A Snow Fort?

Shaylyn loves the winter and the snow and the cold. But especially the snow. She was really kind of bummed that we weren’t getting any snow that would really stick. Until Christmas morning when we got a wonderful storm and there was snow to last for a few days. 
On one such day, her and her best friend decided to go out and start building a snow fort. They didn’t get too far and pretty much just build two rows of what would be a wall and they also built a couch.
Shaylyn begged me to let her sleep outside on her couch. She said she’d take all of her blankets out and she’d do all she could to stay super warm. I told her it wouldn’t matter, and she’d never be warm enough, and so no, she couldn’t sleep outside in the dead of winter. I give her props for trying though.
Either way, she was super happy to be outside playing in her element.

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