Christmas Eve 2014

This year Christmas Eve was an interesting sort of day.

Prior to Christmas my family had discussed the possibility of all 7 of us siblings and our families being at my parents house at the same time all of Christmas. Which meant that we had to make plans to do Christmas with the other side of the family however you could work it out.

After talking with Eric’s mom and brother, we decided that Christmas Eve would be a good time to do things. Eric was going to take the day off and so we’d have just that extra bit of time to spend with Eric’s family.

Normally, we’d have a big Christmas Eve party at my Grandma’s house, but earlier this year she moved into a senior center place and doesn’t have room to fit everyone – so everyone kind of figured that there wouldn’t be a party.
Well a couple days before Christmas Eve I get a message from my cousin letting me know that with my aunts help, my Grandma had reserved a meeting room for a family party. So we worked a plan out with Eric’s mom that would work out so that we could spend the day with her, hit my Grandma’s party on the way home and get home at a decent time.
Well Christmas Eve came and Eric’s brother got called into work. Eric’s mom didn’t feel like we should celebrate without Greg there and we agreed. So we decided we’d just go to my Grandma’s party. But, as the day wore on Eric was having an emotionally difficult day and I was just too stressed out from the back and forth of plans, that I didn’t want to go anyway.

So we decided we’d spent Christmas Eve at home with just our kids.

We really had a nice night. We spent the day playing games and after dinner we did something the kids have always wanted to do – but since we were also so busy on Christmas Eve, it never happened – and that was making cookies for Santa. Which I totally forgot to take pictures of.
After cleaning up the cookies, we gave the kids their Christmas Eve present (pajamas).

Harry Potter Forever…

…A Tee Made Just For Her…
…Everything is….AWESOME…
…Does Anyone Else Suddenly Want Pizza?….
…My Little Pony, My Little Pony…
…He’s My Curious, Spunky Little Monkey…
After everyone unwrapped their jammies, we all got comfortable and sat down and watched Maze Runner. I think the kids all enjoyed it and were ready to go to bed and wait for Christmas morning to arrive.
And because it takes me so long to fall asleep, I heard Santa and knew that he came at exactly MIDNIGHT! What are the chances?

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