Christmas Recital

It was time for Shaylyn’s Christmas Recital. For this particular recital she had two pieces to play. One was a Christmas song and the other was just another number. She practiced the other number all the time and kept asking if I recognized the song. I didn’t. A couple lessons later she told me what the song was and I told her she was playing too fast, so she started to slow down. She played it with great timing at the recital and maybe some of you can catch on to the song.

The Christmas song she practiced less often, but still did okay with it in the end. She does a pretty great job for only having played about 3 years and not consecutively at that.

After the recital her teacher gave each of the students a cute ornament. I wanted one for me too!
I had wanted to surprise Shaylyn with frozen yogurt after her recital cause she is always begging me to take her. So, we told all the kids we had a surprise and headed out to the froyo place closest to us – only to discover they had closed their doors! (Not a huge loss, Cafe Rio took it’s place)

But because Eric had come straight home from work to the concert, he didn’t feel like driving 15 more minutes to the next closest froyo place – so we went to Arctic Circle. The kids didn’t mind too much and enjoyed playing on the play place.

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